About us

In 2011 Leonid Son and Alexey Zakharov started the «Pole» agrocompany» («Field» in English) in Moscow. The team included professional top managers, agricultural workers, export logistics specialists and legal professionals. In 2014 we opened an office in the city of Tver and «Pole» began to export legumes & grasses seed overseas.

Our motto is «Respect your partners and clients and build transparent partnerships».

We enjoy our job because it allows us to prove strong team spirit, build new connections around the globe and supply top quality Russian grass seeds.

Russian legumes & grasses seed are largely unknown to the international market, so we decided to increase its global awareness and grow the international export.

How we work

We do not hire contractors. The team is compact, but it is a cohesive group of young professionals each specialised in their area: agriculture, logistics, management, financials, legal.
When we talk about seed prices, we must know that there are no two lots of seed with the same quality. That is why we always have an individual approach to the determination of the price of each seed lot. We need to take into account logistics costs, seed quality and customer requests. But let’s say exactly our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Our prices are lower than in most countries. We select the best seed producers, meet all the deadlines and always provide you with detailed information about their production.
Our aim is to make our clients feel secure and comfortable. So we organise efficient communication with you at any stage of our interaction, whether it relates to business negotiations or order tracking.

We would like to contribute to the growth of your business by supplying you with the really high quality seeds from Russia.