Doing business with us

We are a wholesale legumes & grasses seed supplier and successfully work with farmers, agricultural governmental institutions and trade organizations. We sell seeds of alfalfa (medicago), clover (trifolium), sainfoin (onobrychis), wheatgrass (agropyron), timothy (phleum) and others.

Our aim is to make working with us as quick and easy for you as possible.

You are our client if

You need to order over 20 tons of legumes or grasses seed.
You would like to have enough legumes and grasses seed.
You would like to have enough oilseeds.
You need to considerably save your time and money.
You look for transparent partnerships and want high quality personal management.
You would like to collaborate with the team who love their job and fulfill their commitments.

Export order and delivery cycle — step by step

Selection of the best samples and laboratory testing.
Shortlisting the best quality products based on the results of the lab tests.
We send you pictures of your order or you may come to our warehouse in Moscow to see the product yourself.
Payment & shipping negotiations.
Signing the agreement.
Order payment according to the agreement.
Packing in accordance with the international transportation regulations and the contract terms.
Shipping your order to the customs, customs control procedure.
Phytosanitary control before your order crosses the Russian border.
FCA or CPT (Incoterms-2010) delivery, EXW is an option.

What do you get if you become our client

We have an extensive base of reliable producers around Russia. This allows you to have a multiple price options and a wide range of seed lots.
We personally test every product and provide quality control so that you know exactly what you order and you will never be disappointed with the result because it meets your expectations.
We carry out responsibility for the entire delivery cycle because we use our own trucks, a warehouse in the Moscow region, professionals who prepare customs paperwork and managers who track your order.
Since we have a friendly, experienced and professional team you get your order always on time and faster than other Russian seed suppliers do.